Enlightenment Intensive with Kjell Gustafsson      

Dyad Retreat from December 26th to 30th, 2023

At Wolfhof in Simonswald in the Black Forest, Germany

You are invited to a transformative gathering at the years-end, surrounded by powerful nature.

Kjell Gustafsson will lead this retreat with humor, compassion, and a clarity and competence that has grown from 22 years of experience.



Enlightenment Intensives are designed to facilitate a spiritual enlightenment experience within a relatively short period. This is not about clichés or concepts of enlightenment. Instead, it is about truly becoming ourselves – free, or at least freer, from toxic shame and inner struggles, allowing genuine joy in life to unfold. It is a journey deep into our immediate experience, into the magic that unfolds when our previous survival strategies loosen their grip.


What to expect further in this Enlightenment Intensive:

  • A unique, remarkably powerful blend of contemplation, communication, and direct self-experience.
  • An interpersonal space where understanding and compassion unfold. Trust and a sense of security grow as we explore together. It's quite possible that you may laugh, cry, and see yourself and the world with fresh eyes and an open heart.
  • A laboratory for exploring your own truth. No belief system is taught or applied.


What you get from it for your daily life:

  • We develop our ability to remain present with each of our experiences and with other people. This strengthened ability, along with many other treasures and nurtured inner qualities, can be taken into your daily life.
  • Additionally, you take away a wonderful powerful practice that you can share with others. Dyads are like meditation, but done together. And it's beautiful to be on the journey home together.
  • A great opportunity to continue practicing dyads after the retreat is the Global Dyad Network. Volunteer-driven, free, and non-dogmatic. More information can be found here: https://www.globaldyadmeditation.org/
  • There will be at least two follow-up meetings on Zoom.


Daily schedule and framework of the retreat:

  • Each day, we engage in numerous (up to 12) dyads: meditative explorations with a partner within a clear structure. You will be heard and seen in your exploration. A direct path into the shared here and now.
  • A structured, highly focused daily routine supports us in relaxing and going deep. We are awakened daily at six o'clock by a gong. Walking meditations outdoors, rest breaks, and gentle Hatha yoga ensure balance. The last half day is dedicated to integrating the experiences.
  • Outside of the exercises, we maintain silence and avoid physical contact. We abstain from external contacts and stimulants of all kinds.



Kjell was' totally changed' in his first Enlightenment Intensive in 2001 (hear more in the video). Since then, he has participated in 11 two-week retreats and numerous shorter ones.

Since 2017, Kjell has been leading Enlightenment Intensives annually. He lives in Sweden, and works as a social worker with drug-addicted teenagers and as a coach.

For further you may also visite Kjell's website.

You may find more videos here.


Language & Team

Kjell will lead the retreat in English.

Non-German speakers can do dyads with English-speaking participants only.

George Malburg accompanies the retreat as an assistant; he speaks English and German.

I (Ulrich) am in charge of the organization and will participate myself.


Accommodation & Meals

Wolfhof ('Wolfs Farm') is located in a quiet, secluded area near Simonswald in the Black Forest, surrounded by powerful nature.

There is no Wi-Fi or mobile phone network (but a landline phone is available).

Shared rooms with sinks are available for accommodation.

Showers and toilets are shared. Please bring your own blankets or sleeping bags.

Double or single accommodation in a group room is possible to a limited extent, if needed.

All meals are prepared vegan with organic food, free from sugar, gluten, and lactose.


Arrival & Departure

Arrival is possible on December 26th between 3:00 PM and 5:00 PM.

You can find directions here.

We will end on December 30th after lunch and a subsequent joint cleaning of the rooms.

You can depart from 2:30 PM onwards. We recommend scheduling at least two calm days for yourself after the retreat.


Price Range:

450€ - 700€.

Within the price range, you can choose an amount that feels coherent to you based on your financial possibilities.

Included in your participation fee are 4 days organic full-board, 4 nights accomodation, and two follow-up sessions on Zoom.

If it is not possible for you to make a payment of the minimum amount, please contact me to find a solution.


Images: View from Wolfhof in summer, seminar room.