Travel Directions for Enlightenment Intensive 2024 by Car


Your destination: Wolfhof, 79263 Simonswald, Nonnenbachtal 19. Tel: 07683-810 (no mobile reception!)


From Freiburg, take B294 towards Waldkirch.

  • After the tunnel at Bleichbach, turn right towards Furtwangen / Simonswald.
  • Continue on the bypass road, passing Bleibach, towards Simonswald. Drive through Simonswald and head towards Obersimonswald.
  • In Obersimonswald, turn left in front of the town hall into Nonnenbachtal. [Directly before a (not well-visible) bridge over the stream. Some green signposts here point to the left.]
  • Wolfhof is about 4 kilometers ahead, almost at the end of the valley on the left side of the road. Don't despair when driving uphill: It keeps going, and eventually, you'll find it.


From Furtwangen, take B500 towards Gütenbach:

  • From Neueck, continue on L173 towards Gütenbach (Simonswäldertal).
  • Drive down Simonswäldertal to Obersimonswald, then turn right into Nonnenbachtal directly after the town hall, and follow the directions above.