Basis of my Work Experience


  • Since my year-long training in Nonviolent Communication in 2014 , I have been gaining experience in supporting other people.
  • The development of my therapeutic approach has been influenced by my experiences with several body-oriented methods and paths of consciousness (Focussing, Somatic Experiencing, NARM, Living Compassion according to Robert Gonzales, Havening).
  • As a father of two sons (6 and 9 years old), life continually invites me to acknowledge my shadows and further unfold my capacity to love.
  • Since 2019, my training with the Transparents has been the foundation for my support of parents. Currently, I am engaged in an in-depth training.
  • I got to know and love dyads in 2016 during two retreats with Robert Gonzales and Robert Kržišnik. Since then, I have been sharing this practice with individuals and in seminars.
  • I am part of the team of a global online dyad platform, where I have been meeting and practicing with people from all over the world for 6 years. I also serve as a moderator and catalyst here.
  • In 2020, I got acquainted with Honest Sharing according to Gopal Norbert Klein. Since then, I have gathered varied experiences in several local groups in Freiburg and Berlin.
  • It is a special joy for me to experience the transformative effect of dyads and Honest Sharing in my partnership as well.
  • In 2021, I successfully completed the examination for Heilpraktiker for Psychotherapy.
  • I have grown through a multi-year emotional crisis, receiving support from many people during this time. I have learned that healthy self-confidence and humility go hand in hand.

Since 1981, I have been traveling through the world as Ulrich Schäfer.