This is what people who attended the Enlightenment Intensive with Kjell in December 2023 had to say:

"The EI with Kjell was something very special for me.

His presence is very supportive of this deep process, and though it’s difficult to put into words, I would describe it as an infinite, all-encompassing, tender, nonjudgmental force.

Since then, I've been filled with a deep, powerful peace, I feel completely 'normal' and at the same time awake and entirely in the moment. I'm both physically present and yet permeable.

Thank you, Ulrich, for the organization!"

- Birgit


"The EI with Kjell Gustavsson challenged me profoundly, guiding me into deeper contact with myself and enriching me in many ways.

Seeing my partner in ever more expressions of their being, and being able to reveal myself as I truly am, and to be seen and heard that way, touched me deeply and fulfilled a deep need within me.

It was an honor and a joy to experience Kjell Gustavsson in his authenticity, his openness, and his willingness to support us whenever it was needed.

I would very much like to be a part of a new Enlightenment Intensive."

- Thomas


"Enlightenment Intensive with Kjell: Gets to the bottom of things, challenging, wonderful."

- Klaus


"Calm. Everything is okay as it is. Everything is there.

A process that is about letting go:

The concepts, the judgments, the images, the ideas of identity, the theories from within and from outside, from the past and the future.

It's like dying to be born. Or being born to die. Both. Just have courage!

In this, Kjell is the midwife, Ulrich creates the space. The Wolfshof, the cook, Flora and Fauna ... Everything and everyone in its place as perfectly as it could be. All group members are midwives, too, are without status, profession, language, or name.

What freedom? New breathing, new walking, thinking, feeling, I - things that are very old but have only now come home."

- Dorothée