Imagine a meditation with a counterpart.

Speaking and listening are elements of the meditation.

In the protective, clear structure of dyads, you each take turns giving each other your undivided attention.

How powerful it is when someone simply listens without wanting to change anything!

And then: Being able to truly perceive another person. Needing to do nothing. Arriving and relaxing ever more deeply in shared presence...

"Tell me who you are"

At the beginning of each round of the dyad, we invite each other with this phrase, which forms the focus of our contemplation. Again and again, we direct our attention to who and what we are in our essence.

When we do this, something always emerges: These can be inner images, felt senses, thoughts, or even experiences that we might find difficult to put into words at first. We verbally share the outcome of our contemplation with our partner, or 'let it express itself through us,' with movement being welcome as well.

What we experience in this way is often surprising. Our rational mind can learn that it's okay to take a break. We can encounter unknown universes within ourselves and within our partner.


The Structure

A dyad lasts for 40 minutes.

One person speaks about their inner experience, moment to moment. The other person listens and maintains eye contact.

Every five minutes, a gong sounds, we express gratitude to each other, and the roles switch.

A specific invitation serves as a guide for the inner journey.

The one-on-one encounters are embedded in the group's field.



We experience a deep emotional connection with ourselves, life, and other people.

We learn to perceive ourselves clearly, lovingly, and with humor, gaining a fresh perspective on our everyday lives.

We develop our ability to be present with ourselves and other people.

We recharge and strengthen our resilience.